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This is a college project vertical slice, a full version of the game will soon be developed, stay tuned for updates!

Roguedice is a roguelike deckbuilding game with customizable dice!

In a very secluded place, lies a mysterious forest. This forest hides a legend within, luring in curious adventurers around the world: The Roguedice; three dice that grant an immense amount of power to their wielder. There are many who once tried to get them, but none of them came out victorious. Now it's time for another naive explorer to play their chances. Will this be the one to end the cycle and wield the power of the Roguedice?

Choose your own path!

The forest is divided into multiple paths leading to different encounters. Choose one and change the way you play with what you find.

Explore the forest, fight enemies and find juicy rewards!

On your journey, you will encounter countless enemies of different kinds, curious NPCs, and plenty of chests!

Customize your dice and change the way you play!

Each enemy you defeat will drop loot in the form of dice faces. You can customize your dice in your inventory and create different builds. You can play aggressively, defensively...

Start your adventure right away!

Art: uritj

Design: uritjSeguerGameDev

Programming: lariveenricgamedev

Music: gerarddiazvidal, Komiku

Original icons: Game-Icons.net

Any donations are appreciated. 

We'd love to hear what you think about the game, please give us feedback :)


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Daaaaaaamn!!! How are deck-building games getting so awesoooome! I love the take on this genre. Fantastic gameplay, love the artstyle and can't wait for more stuff like this! Fanstastic job!


Hey, I really enjoyed this game and showed it off to my friends! The dice being actual physics objects instead of a fancy graphic for a random number generator was a very fun gimmick that I can see tons of ways ya'll could expand into cool features. The game had a soft "paper mario" vibe to me, specifically with how things could "break the fourth wall" and interact with game mechanics (like the dice hitting a character causes them to bump it slightly) and seeing more of that would be great (maybe a boss that kicks/attacks your dice after it lands or purposely "traps" a die that you can throw other dice at to free).

More talk about what's there than wishful thinking, the concept of deck building with dice was very novel and I enjoyed it greatly even though I don't usually like deck builders much. I also cannot stress enough how much the dice being an actual object was fun to play around with, but it does lead to some potentially unintentional things.

I learned while playing that if I flicked the mouse in a specific way, I could get the d6 to land on a specific side pretty consistently (I think I was able to do the same with another side but I don't recall as well there). My first win admittedly abused this by having a strength buff on that side (it was the very top of the d6 if I remember) with the rest of the sides being multi-hits so I was able to sort of "cheese" the game this way, but it was fun that the dice rolled in such a direct response to how I rolled it.

I'm not really sure if I would advocate for this being changed, as it was fun to discover and not the easiest learn how to do it consistently, but if you wanted to resolve this you could add a bit of a randomized "push" to the dice when released or utilize a dice cup/bowl object maybe? I'm sure ya'll will have better ideas if you did want to prevent this behavior.

Super fun game! Reminds me of the premise of the board game Dice Forge, with all the switching of dice faces. The fact that the game actually had dice variety was a huge surprise! I adore this game. The risk/reward of using expensive abilities or a lot of cheap ones and trying to manage dice energy costs was super fun!
And please keep the d2/coin in, I love it a lot. Put two "Gain 5 shield" faces on it so I had guaranteed shields each turn I needed them! Though I recognize I could have put my Strength faces on them, too... Love the strategic depth! You have an excellent game here and I would love to see it explored more!

Not to mention, I love the art style. It's a very simple 2-bit/8-bit(?) 2.5D style game reminiscent of how other games like Triangle Fantasy handle making 2D sprites 3D, which I find has a lot of charm.

Honestly didnt realize it was a demo...I was so sad when it ended. Tons of fun and cool concept! definitely unique with having the different kinds of dice.

For the different dice thresholds (The points at which they will cost more less to roll) I would make sure the bars line up so its not confusing

Neat concept & prototype.

Did come across two bugs:

A: Unless I'm misunderstanding it, the "deal 3 damage for each repeated face" face seems to be glitched; had a die with three repeat faces on it and one of that kind of face, and that face only ever hit once when I used it.

B: Did have an incident where I tried to drag an attack face to one of the boxer enemies, and the game did not let me do so; the die was stuck to my cursor. I ended up having to quit out of the run.

On point A you are miss understanding it. It does damage ONCE equal to 3*(the top number of dupe faces on the die). It doesnt attack multiple times like others

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Hi there ! Like the concept and I guess there are some tiny things that could improve the overall experience. 

As it was already said, the game feels slow at times. If a feature of accelerating the throw could be a lead, I thing selecting the number of time the dice is thrown could also greatly reduce the wait especially at the beginning when we only have one dice to throw. 

I've also noticed something on a monster who had a passive that deals 2 damage when you attack. The icon is barely visible at first but also is quite distant from the monster itself (way up from the monster's sprite). It didn't feel intuitive at first that it was 1) a passive and 2) related to the monster inside. 

Also, I think there is a typo for the butterflies with their flame attack that makes them gain strengh. It is written "strenght" in here :o 

Overall great concept :)


Any chance for a MAC port?

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Great game! Game feels a bit slow though, I hope there will be a setting in the future that automatically rolls all the dice at once instead of one die at a time. Fun at first, but after a while it gets a bit tiresome. Or I guess just a a fast or instant mode. 


Thank you for playing! And yes, we are working on both accelerating the physics and a fast mode that directly gives you the face :)


Hey, just started playing your game. it's pretty nice but my dice just rolled off of the stage and it didn't reset or anything. maybe add some kind of "reset floor" under the battle stage so this won't happen again. Because this is unfortunately a lost run due to physics.


Hey there! Thanks for playing and reporting this problem. Dice rolling off the stage is unusual, but it still happens for some reason. You might've just stumbled upon a very good solution for us, so we'll be implementing this! Thanks again :)


Good to hear. It's always nice to see an active dev.


Awesome and fun to play, but some notes:

While playing, one of my dice landed on an edge, so it never chose a face and I had to forfeit the turn, maybe giving them a more rounded geometry model would be an easy fix.

There is the typo of "Strenght" instead of "Strength" when hovering over an enemies next turn action.

At one point, the face description "Gain 8 shield" was hovering over my character in battle even though I wasnt looking at the face at the time. Stayed no matter what until battle ended.

Audio slider instead of Mute/Unmute as the only option.

After a run where a treasure item gave "+1 turn points if Focus was gained last turn", my turn points temporarily started at 5 for the next run instead of 4.

The ability to rearrange faces you've already rolled in your hand would be nice for sorting purposes.

Adding a menu on the map screen where you can modify your dice any time instead of only after clicking an encounter could be good too.

During the frog-like encounter, you can avoid taking some damage from the thorns effect by playing multiple cards at once. While you're meant to take 2 damage for every attack, if I play a card that does 3 damage 3 times, it usually deals me the 6 damage that it should. However, if i play that card and then a deal 2 damage card, it only deals me 4 damage in total instead of the 8 that i should get for multiple attacks (unless this is intentional).

Typo/grammar of punching guy's attacks: Currently reads as "One punch makes 2 of damage". for easier readability, it could say "Each punch deals 2 damage"

On the Cube Starter Die, the max cost for a 1 turn point die is 8, and fills up the bar all the way. However, the pyramid die has a cost limit of 6 to fill up the first bar, but costs 2 turn points even though only the first bar is filled. 

When in the explanation screen for dice crafting, the face on the dice has a higher layer than the crafting screen. 


Thank you for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback! It helps a lot :) We'll be fixing all of this soon.


fun game but my dice keep getting stuck!

an anti-softlock button might be needed

We'll be working on that! Thanks for the feedback :)


Quite a fun game.  Some feedback:

1) At one point while performing dice selection, the game switched the cursor to one of the dice and wouldn't switch back until I was back in the map.

2) Being able to keep dice between turns renders defense resets less relevant.  Though possibly this is a bug; dragging attacks onto enemies stopped working the first time I did this.

3) Most rows of the map are identical.  So, selecting a path feels a bit pointless.  Mind you, maybe I just got a bad run.

4) It should be possible to throw a die even if another die is already being rolled.  As is, waiting for rolls feels a bit slow.

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing! We'll try to fix everything :)


This game looks great, and I would love to play it. However, my screen resolution (3440x1440) seems to not be supported yet. So right now, the lower portion of the game screen is cut off, and I can't even back myself out of the setting screen since I assume the button is down under where it's cut off. Fullscreen has that problem, of course, but even when I changed it to window, I can't resize the screen so I still cannot reach the lower portion. It's a common problem with a lot of small-team indie games, so not something I hold against this game specifically.  Everything about the game looks like it would be something I'd love though, so I eagerly awaits the opportunity to play if one day my screen is support.

Thank you for reporting! We had no idea about this issue, we'll look into it, thanks :)


This game looks great! Lots of fun mechanics are at play here. I will say, the game does run slow on occasion, and it would be nice if you could skip the dice roll animation playing each time you roll it. Otherwise, it's a great beta!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, we've been told several times that the dices are slow to use. We're thinking of ways to accelerate the process, and your idea is very helpful! Thanks again :)


I love the aesthetic!!!

Thanks :)

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In my opinion evasion is too weak in this game. You need to have ~20 stacks to dodge sometimes(or I had bad random)

We're sorry to hear that evasion wasn't up to your expectations. We'll try to control the randomness of it a bit more.

Thank you for playing!


i love the idea but for me the game is too slow

Thank you so much for the feedback, we will work on it !!


During my first fight, the dice rolled off and didn't come back.

Hey, sorry to hear that.

Could you tell us how did you throw the dice and where it fell?

I chucked it to the left and it fell through that gap between the battle area + dice staging area. I also had it bounce back from the battle area into that same hole on my 2nd run

Thank you for reporting this to us, we'll try to fix it soon!